DevOps Staffing Is Hot Commodity For IT Growing Organization

Hiring DevOps engineers is a daunting task for the organization; however, DevOps staffing forged by big data and agile staffing come into the picture and helps the organization to hire right DevOps engineer. The organization recognized the need to break the wall between software developers and IT professionals; hence, hiring DevOps to become critical with required skill sets.

DevOps addresses the gap between development, testing and Operations. For creating better quality standards for organization DevOps along with automation and early defect removal helps far long.

DevOps is the software development strategy which mainly focuses on communications, collaborative work and integration among all IT professionals. In layman word, DevOps is an interlinked bridge between the software developers and IT staff. DevOps engineers who embrace the Software Development Lifecycle and works collaboratively with developers and IT staff to supervise the code release. DevOps involves a change in organization culture that brings development and operation staff to work unison.

The minimum requirement for hiring a DevOps engineer lies in the right networking. Here is the checklist for a DevOps staffing:

  1. Expertise in related technical field knowledge with wealth in the hands of experience in the same domain. 
  2. Individual must be adaptable and comfortable with learning new technologies per se organization demand.
  3. Must be strong in soft interpersonal skills, problem-solving and investigate driving skills.
  4. Must be compatible with company’s preferred development methodology (e.g. agile, spiral, scrum, etc.) and trending technologies (like Python, Go, Javascript/JSON, AWS and so on but should not be limited to these).
  5. Must possess leadership qualities that help in building a potential team and guide stakeholder to achieve a common goal.
  6. Possess strong knowledge on related cloud platform (e.g. GCP, Git, AWS, Azure, etc.)
  7. Right decision making with considering short and long term business needs.

Agile certification training sector helps much organization to evolve and shape day-to-day business processes needs gradually. Agile methodology has become a key driver in business intelligence for decision making. Agile assists big data developers to form their own group apart from operation team. DevOps is not for reducing employee and cost for company but its more about getting out of your apps. Moreover, understand to run big data DevOps efficiently additional human resource will be required. With efficiency and collaboration, it helps to streamline and speed up the development process on the fly to take more out of the data mined.

Scaled agile certification is different from regular agile certification. Scaled agile hones DevOps which normally ends silos approach, helping organization with the ability to develop, deploy and delivery small batches of functionality to the business in a continuous manner called a continuous delivery pipeline. DevOps by Agile staffing encourages the team and other various stakeholders to self-improvement and empowering them to process significant functionality by means of visualization, early bug removal, and enabling continuous feedback. 

Here are the types of DevOps job title:-

  1. DevOps or Platform Engineer 
  2. Build Engineer or UX Designer
  3. Site Reliability Engineer 
  4. Release Manager 
  5. Data Analyst or QA Analyst
  6. Product Manager

DevOps Engineer salary in USA

The average DevOps Engineer salary in USA is $136,500 per year or $70 per hour. Entry level positions start at $78,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $232,050 per year.

Here is the list of the top open-source free and commercial DevOps Tools available:

DevOps tools Best for Platform Functions Free Trial Price
Worksoft Medium to large size businesses Agile & DevOps Test Automation. No Get a quote
Kamatera Small to Large businesses & Freelancers. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad. Used for cloud application Deployment 30 days Cloud Servers: Starts at $4/month

Managed Cloud: $50/month/server, Cloud Load Balancer: starts at $9/month.

Cloud Block storage: $0.05/month/GB.

Buddy Developers, Designers, and QA Teams. Windows, Mac, Linux. Continuous Integration and Delivery Tool. Available. 30 days for On-premises deployment Free & Open source if signed-in with Github

Cloud: Starts at $75/month

On-Premises: Starts at $175/month

Kiuwan Small to Large businesses Windows & Mac. Provides application security. Available Scans: Start at $599.

Continuous: Get a quote

Nagios Small to Large businesses Windows, Mac, Linux Monitoring Tool Available Nagios Core: Free

Network Analyzer: $1995

Nagios XI: Starts at $1995

Nagios Fusion: $2495

Chef Small to Large businesses Windows & Mac Configuration Management Tool No Effortless Infrastructure

Essentials: $16500/Yr

Enterprise: $75000/Yr

Enterprise Automation Stack

Essentials: $35000/Yr

Enterprise: $150000/yr

Jenkins Small to large businesses & Freelancers. Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. Continuous Integration tool Free